A little about our Company.

The values of a conscious company.

3A Commodities was born to be much more than a simple business, because its members are inserted in a society that values by the quality and price of its products. In this way we are imbued with offering the best possible experience, at attractive prices to our customers, making our products reach the final consumer with quality and fair price.

Responsibility and Experience.

We aim to ensure the safest possible environment for everyone around us, such as customers, consumers and even more to our employees, so that together they can give the best vanguard in distribution. In this way we managed to deliver very efficiently the demand of our customers that will consequently be passed on to the final consumer.


Excellence in internal and external processes.

We have the responsibility of providing our employees and clients with an environment of respect, soundness and cordiality, where with absolute certainty all the goals set out in previously agreed agreements will be reached, within the highest ethical and moral standards that our society demands.